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Academy Driving Instructor Leroy
  Instructor Leroy is one of our newest South Bay teachers, hailing from San Jose California.  Leroy is a very experienced driver, who has been driving for 10 plus years throughout the Bay Area. He loves to be able to pass on his knowledge to new drivers. Leroy received his bachelor's degree from Cogswell College in San Jose in 2017, studying Digital Arts and Animation.  His background in customer service, caregiving, and being a delivery driver have given him a great edge as a certified driving instructor.    Due to his.


Academy Driving Instructor Scott
  Instructor Scott brings his passion for teaching to the South Bay - from San Jose, all the way to Palo Alto. Before joining Bay Area Driving Academy, Scott worked the majority of his professional career at Hewlett Packard. Previously he also worked as an Auto Technician for a while, so he is well versed in mechanical, technical aspects, and building things. Over the years, Scott has found his niche teaching students of all ages how to drive.   Having a teenage son himself, his patience, wisdom, and kindness shines through.  Scott.


Academy Driving Instructor Forest
  Instructor Forest joined the Bay Area Driving Academy team in early 2023 and has quickly become a highly recommended driving instructor. Forest teaches in our South Bay service area, of which she is a native - born and raised in San Jose. Her background in customer service has given her a great deal of patience and understanding, which she uses while instructing her clients/students. Because of her down-to-earth nature, Forest is very relatable to her students and great at making them feel comfortable behind the wheel.   Her students.