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Academy Driving Instructor Carlos
  Carlos not only is a State-licensed driving instructor but also comes to us with two decades of commercial driving experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a top-notch driver, Carlos earned his Class A license in the early '90s with endorsements in triple trailers and tank vehicles. From his many years of driving experience, he has maintained a consistent safe driving record and provided superior customer service to his clientele. As both a service adviser and commercial driver, Carlos takes pride in his ability to offer courteous, reliable service, and have worked hard to meet deadlines.


Lead Academy Driving Instructor Teresa
  Teresa heads and assists in managing our North Bay service areas. A 10-plus year driving instructor veteran, Teresa has literally taught thousands of teens and adults students throughout the Bay Area. In addition, Teresa is a Bay Area native and grew up in San Mateo County where she still currently resides. Along with Carrie, Teresa is our resident expert in all things driver training. She has taught students with all various skill levels, ages, and obstacles. Highly skilled, patient and friendly as evident in her 40+ 5-Star Yelp reviews. Teresa is our most experienced instructor -.


Academy Driving Instructor Francisco
  Francisco is also fluent in Spanish along with intermediate-level Mandarin Chinese.    Go Back: Our Driving Instructors
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