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Rated 5 out of 5

My daughter was home for college for two weeks. I scheduled 2 lessons with Ryane. Ryane was an awesome instructor. She was patient, professional, on time and helpful with areas of improvement and identifying strengths. My daughter took her driving test before going back to college and passed. I’ve used Bay Area Driving Academy for all of my kids and I recommend them to anyone who is learning how to drive. Rates are reasonable and the service is professional. Definitely recommend Bay Area Driving Academy. (1/5/2022)

Rated 5 out of 5

I took “Test Day Assist Course” with Sandra and Ryane for my driving tests. That was great I did not need to prepare a car for tests by myself so that I can concentrate on the tests. I failed tests twice due to my mistakes, but the instructions by them were great. I finally passed the test and do recommend this service for anyone who can not bring a car and/or a driver with a CA license. (1/4/2022)

Rated 5 out of 5

Wow. Completely blown away with my experience and the lessons I received. I drove and was taught with/by Carrie, and other members of my family have been taught by them too. The lessons were fun every time. The first day Carrie took me up to the mountains, and had me driving on big streets. It may seem daunting, but Carrie picks up well on the ability of the driver. The lessons following were just as fantastic. A huge part of what makes this company awesome is that they have genuine care for the people they are teaching. Carrie has worked with drivers of many different skill levels. If someone is uncomfortable or scared with the idea of driving Carrie would definitely help. I could have taken my driving test after the required number of lessons, but I had an extra to help and I think it genuinely did. Surprised to see some of the other reviews having trouble with communication. Carrie would text me before lessons, telling me they are coming, and I could also take the initiative to text them and ask if they were on their way, which I would receive a fast response to. Another cool part of this company is the lesson summary, that gets emailed after every lesson. It tells you how you performed on the lesson, and recommendations and comments on what to practice and improve Overall an extremely positive experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive or review their driving skills. Shoutout Carrie! (11/25/2021)

Danella (Sunnyvale)
Rated 5 out of 5

My teenage daughter took 3 driving lessons with Sandra the last few months. She passed the driving test today. Have to give Sandra a lot of credits, especially after the first lesson the kiddo already got a lot of confidence driving when I practiced with her. Sandra also shared some tips and tricks with her for the actual test. Sign up with her! (11/22/2021)

Aaron L. (Palo Alto)
Rated 5 out of 5

It took me a while to get over my fear of driving, I felt so much confident and safe when I started these lessons! I took three lessons with Sandra and she made me feel so comfortable, I usually get really nervous when driving on the road but Sandra guided me perfectly and had a lot of patience, first two lessons were on the streets and different areas in my city. We practiced on hills and eventually I got on the freeway 🙂 definitely book a lesson with Sandra if you’re a new driver! I then took a pre-test lesson with Carrie a week before my exam and by this time I was comfortable with driving, Carrie as well had a lot of patience, she made me feel safe on the road and took the time to make sure I was prepared and ready for my exam. I as well would recommend Carrie as an instructor! Today was my exam and I passed! Huge thanks to both Sandra and Carrie, passed with 6 mistakes. (10/26/2021)

Yessenia S. (San Jose)


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