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Rated 5 out of 5

I had gotten a license when I was younger, but at the time didn’t use it and had let it expire. Fast forward 10 years, I move from the city to the suburbs and have to get back to driving. I am generally pretty uncomfortable in cars and much rather take buses and public transit. So I look for a driving school that can help me feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel of a car.

Carrie at Bay Area Driving Academy did just that. I told her that my primary objective with these lessons was to become a confident and safe driver, and a secondary goal was to pass the driving test. Carrie helped ensure that both of these goals were met.

I took 4 lessons in total: 3 with Carrie and another with Jenn to gain a different perspective. They have a relaxed composure, despite me sometimes being not so relaxed, calmly point give guidance and point out things to watch out for or areas of improvement. They help and take over if needed. For example, I managed to take a wrong turn and drive into a construction zone, Carrie helped me quickly back out of it, and when there was enough space and it was safe, guided me through a 3-point turn, at which point I could continue driving more normally.

There were times when I had to cancel a lesson or when one of the instructors was late or had to cancel; this sort of thing happens. In all of these cases, I felt like I was treated with thought, care, and utmost professionalism. In all such cases, there was plenty of heads up given, there were also always various options given and accommodations made as needed. Regardless, the lessons were always their expected 2 hours (never less!) and if rescheduling needed to be done (whether it was because I had to cancel or one of the instructors did), it was handled promptly and my needs were taken into account.

I highly recommend Bay Area Driving Academy if you’re looking for someone to teach you how to drive well, feel confident behind the wheel, and set you up for success to pass the test. 5/14/2017

Elena K. (Mountain View)
Rated 5 out of 5

Teresa is great! She’s a patient, friendly, and informative instructor who makes the lessons fun, which definitely eased my nerves as a first time driver with barely any experience. I’ve only had two lessons so far, but I have learned a lot! In my first lesson I was surprised that I was capable of driving fairly decent on the road for the first time, thanks to Teresa’s help. I look forward to my future lessons with Bay Area Driving Academy. 11/14/2017

Joy Q. (Cupertino)


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