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Instructor Forest joined the Bay Area Driving Academy team in early 2023 and has quickly become a highly recommended driving instructor. Forest teaches in our South Bay service area, of which she is a native – born and raised in San Jose. Her background in customer service has given her a great deal of patience and understanding, which she uses while instructing her clients/students. Because of her down-to-earth nature, Forest is very relatable to her students and great at making them feel comfortable behind the wheel.


Her students have left feedback describing her presence as very easy-going and light hearted; that she is very personable, reliable and extremely patient while instructing. Believe it or not, Forest was once afraid to drive herself. She was determined to overcome her fear and master her craft though, as she had big road trips planned with family and friends that necessitated driving skills. She loves to be able to share her wisdom and experience with new drivers and watch them gain confidence behind the wheel. 


In her free time, Forest enjoys furthering her studies, in the science fields of Sociology and Psychology, as well as kicking back and playing Fall Guys and Zelda on her Switch gaming system. She also makes sure to drive her dog to get a pup cup every day. FUN FACT: Head Instructor Carrie was the one who first taught Forest how to drive many years ago!


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I worked with the company for a little over a month and was able to pass the exam! My main instructor was Forest – Leroy assisted me on my test day. They were both very nice and encouraging and I felt more confident about the exam. The post session assessments were extremely helpful for remembering what to work on. (2/26/2024)


My adult son just passed his driving road test yesterday. I’ve booked my son for 6 hours adult driving lessons with instructors Leroy and Forrest. In addition, my son took a 2 hour “Pre-Test Preparedness Course” with Instructor Forrest and she really boosted his confidence. The Bay Area Driving Academy’;s 5-CORE COMPETENCIES Assessment was really helpful for my son to know what he needs to work on his own time. Both instructors Leroy and Forrest were patient, friendly and knowledgeable about relaying safe driving and road tips to my son. I also want to give a shout out to Jenny at the office for being efficient on rescheduling us when things didn’t work out as planned. I highly recommend learning with Bay Area Driving Academy. (11/19/2023)

S Chin

I’ve worked with multiple instructors at this school to get my adult driver’s license and they are all very nice and knowledgeable about the test and the rules of the road. The post lesson feedback which scores the core competencies is extremely helpful to make sure I am making progress with each lesson.

I worked with Forest, Scott, Leroy, Carrie, and Ryane (I had Ryane for my passing test assist) and I would highly recommend all of them! Also shout out to Jenny for always being understanding of my work/test schedule and working around it. (10/6/2023)

Aishwarya S.

I recently taken 2 driving courses with Instructor Forest and had Instructor Scott assist me on my test day. The instructors were kind and provided helpful feedback which really boosted my confidence in driving. With their help, I passed my test on my first attempt! So if you get nervous about driving like me, then I HIGHLY recommend you to schedule a course! (7/15/2023)


Forest is an amazing instructor and I am very glad that we were paired up. Her presence is very calming and light-hearted. That made my driving experience with her a lot less stressful. Thank you again, Forest!!! (6/30/2023)



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