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We are excited to have newest driving instructor Amelia join the Bay Area Driving Academy team. First, Amelia highly enjoys working with others and has obtained both an Associate and Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. In addition, she has previous work experience in areas of child development for over three years. Moreover, Amelia is proficient in computers, training, and fluent in Spanish – Amelia is geared up with excitement in developing her students’ driving skills. Amelia is a Bay Area local and grew up in San Mateo County. Highly knowledgeable of local roads and driving culture, Amelia has over eight-plus years of clean driving experience. She is committed to quality and is often described as kind, patient, and informative.


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5.0 rating

I have to say we were very happy with the instructions that Amelia gave and the booking/scheduling process thru Bay Area Driving Academy. Hannah had 4 lessons with Amelia in total and she was very thorough and patient. She prepared Hannah very well. She passed easily today and got her license. Thank you. (5/16/2019)

O. G. (Los Altos)
5.0 rating

Our daughter took 4 lessons with Amelia (an extra one for exam prep). Amelia was an excellent instructor–very patient and thorough. The booking process on the website was easy and there were many time slots to chose from. She passed the test easily on the first try. The extra exam prep class was great, because it really gave her confidence and put her at ease with the instructor. Our older daughter, who took lessons thru a different driving school 2-3 years ago had a very difference experience. She didn’t pass on the first try and did not have the preparation that Bay Area Driving Academy provided. This driving academy is definitely a stand out. Thanks! (5/16/2019)

Hannah G
5.0 rating

Went from zero to driving license with the help of BADA. I never learnt to drive before because the places that I used to live in before didn’t really require a car. But you really need a car in the Bay Area. I chose BADA mostly through scouring of reviews on yelp. I’ve had classes with Erin, Armenia, Hassell, Carrie, and Amelia. In my first few classes (I had a few classes with Driversed, so I did have some experience), Erin helped me get comfortable with driving in general and we also did some mountainside driving as well as freeway driving. She kept reminding me on speed limits and helped me considerably with lane changes on the freeway. Armenia is very particular about accuracy and she will pinpoint whenever you make a mistake. This really aided me in maintaining speed limits and getting better at backing. She also took a lot of mock tests before my first test (which I unfortunately didn’t pass (I made a wrong turn and stopped in the middle due in part to the morning sun glare which I hadn’t experienced before)).
I started my second round of classes with Carrie to fix the mistakes made in the first test. She took me around the vicinity of the test location to fix some of my errors such as bad left turning lane turns, slowing down on turns in general, and not looking through any intersections you pass. Hassell re-iterated on some of these errors and helped improve my turns with some mountainside driving as well as paying attention to the pedestrians during residential driving. He is one of the best instructors of the school though he can be a little overwhelming at the start. Later on, he sent me numerous references and videos, to further my understanding of different dangerous situations and how not to get into them. I worked on slow turns with Amelia even more and we practiced a lot of turns which really helped in the end. After all these classes and practice, I finally passed my 2nd test and am now waiting for my permanent driving license in the mail. Thank you so much BADA!! (3/16/2019)

Mayank S.
5.0 rating

I passed my test last week, and I just want to write and tell you how pleased I am that I chose the Bay Area Driving Academy to put me through my test. It’s been a challenge coming from Britain and learning to drive in the US. Different rules, different side of the road and car, different names for parts of the car, and completely different driving culture.
Erin is an amazing teacher. She is very patient, kind, methodical and consistent. She was very clear in her instructions and she made sure I understood what she was trying to convey.
Along with great teaching came a great personality. We got on so well and I looked forward to every lesson. As a newcomer to the bay area, it was really interesting for me to learn more of what it is like to live and drive here.
A small part of me hoped that I would fail my test as it would mean I could continue on my lessons every week! I will probably book a lesson or two in the future to help with freeway driving, but already having driven with Erin frequently on the freeways, and several times since my test, they haven’t been as scary as I had imagined and I may not need the extra lessons. We will see!
I also wanted to mention Amelia. I started off my driving journey with her. I found her to be very patient and sweet, and although just starting out on her driving instructor career, I found her to be very knowledgeable and authoritative when she needed to be. Unfortunately due to my hearing impairment and her soft voice, I found it impossible to make it work. I was having to ask her to repeat stuff then I’d miss my turn on the intersection. It wasn’t her fault, and it was nothing she did. She’s a good teacher, but my hearing let me down a lot. (Erin has a very loud voice, so no problems there!!)
I was impressed with how professional both Erin and Amelia are and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them at all.
I am also impressed with how the company is run as a whole. Any time I needed to contact the office, I always got a reply and my queries were dealt with very quickly and efficiently. Thank you for being so accommodating when I needed to switch things around.
Your website is also very user friendly. It’s easy to book and cancel lessons. The only suggestion I would make, would be to add a section on the home page for students to log in. If I wanted to log in to view my lessons, I have to pretend I was going to schedule a lesson before I could access the log in page. It was a wee bit time consuming and frustrating at times!
Thank you for everything! 2/11/2019

Kerry (Mountain View)
5.0 rating

Amelia did a great job, making our daughter feel comfortable behind the wheel and increasing her competence and confidence to drive safely. The Academy worked with us to find a good time for the lesson – we will be back for more! 1/21/2019

Phil S. (San Jose)

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