Adult Driving Academy Program

3 – 2 Hour Lesson / $414.00


Our comprehensive adult program will get you licensed and on the road – ready to go! Whatever your age – 18 or 82 – we can help you get licensed with our three lesson program. Many of our students take their journey to a driver license later in life; whatever the reason, we understand that learning to drive is both exciting and scary experience. Rest assured, we hired only top notch instructors who have the right “educator” personality to being your coach and partner during the process.  Let’s start this journey together!


Carrie Lampman, our CEO/Head Instructor, developed and designed our modern and comprehensive behind-the-wheel training program. Carrie has over 14 years of experience and expertise in the field of education/training. Her program ensures you are receiving safe, fun and enriching lessons. All of our instructors were personally vetted, hired and trained by Carrie and all follow her comprehensive training program and style for consistency and reliability.


  • Three (3) 2 hour lessons covering the following:
    •  Basics of car, controls, and operations
    •  Hill driving, straight back-up, parallel parking, and hill parking
    •  Introductory to freeway
    •  Overview of what to expect on road exam
    •  Understanding Bay Area driving culture
    •  Evaluation and assessment of skills
  • Pick-up/drop-off from home, work, or anywhere most convenient for the student, as long as it is within our service area
  • All of our adult lessons are one-on-one only


Each appointment is a full 2 hours of in-car instruction. We use automatic Honda Civic Hybrids, and each car has an extra brake and mirror for the instructor. We also have full insurance coverage on our vehicles, so our students are covered during the time they are with us for each lesson.



Simple pricing – one price for all lesson types. Whether you choose 1 or 10 lessons – it is simply $138.00 per lesson. For our in-car training lessons, we collect payment upon the start of each lesson. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards. You can pay with credit/debit card online at anytime.


Please Note:

We require all students to have either a California permit or valid driver license for scheduling for our in-car driving lessons.  If you have a license that is still valid from another state or country, this would be acceptable as well. Please have your permit/license information ready when enrolling.


Additional Information:

CA DMV Adult Requirements for C Class Driver License

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