I have used Carrie to help both of my daughters (one is in college, the other just passed her driver’s test). She has the patience of a saint. Both of my girls passed the license tests the first time. She helped each one of them out with their greatest driving challenges until they were comfortable.  Carrie is the best and I have recommended her to countless people who have all had similar, positive experiences with their children.


Learning how to drive from Bay Area Driving Academy really changed my life. I got my license when I was younger but never used it over the last 15 years. I was very rusty as you would say!  But because of working with Teresa and Bay Area Driving Academy – I was able to gain my confidence back and I drive regularly now as my life requires.

Mountain View

I contacted Carrie when all of my odds were against me. It was the busiest time of the season, I’ve never driven on public roads EVER, and I had my license test in one month. But Carrie was my fairy godmother and saved the day!


During our first session, I was terrified and couldn’t stop nervous laughing. I’ve procrastinated on driving for years because I was so scared, but she was very patient with me and made me feel safe. She was accommodating to my crazy timeline and made sure to squeeze in as many appointments as I needed so that I would feel comfortable during my test. I was able to pass my test with flying colors thanks to Carrie, and I would highly recommend her to everybody who needs to learn how to drive.


Working with Carrie was a great investment because I received a high-quality experience from someone who was incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. I learned so much from Carrie like smart and effective techniques to use when approaching the driver test. I would recommend working with Carrie to anyone looking for a smart, affordable, and personal approach to being taught the rules of the road. Carrie should be the first choice of every student because you will gain the confidence and skills necessary to be fully prepared for the driving test.

San Jose